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Campus Ministry

Our greatest mission as a Catholic high school is to create disciples and world-changers who will carry the teaching of Christ wherever they go. We know that developing a rhythm of prayer is essential to this. For this reason, we offer many on-campus activities for our students. In addition to a quiet chapel for students to spend time in during breaks or before and after school, we offer weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Mass, confessions, bible studies, class retreats and prayer groups. We believe that by having consistent encounters with God, through the Sacraments, through his Word, and through his people, we can truly develop faithful, compassionate, just, and knowledgeable leaders.


Our Catholic tradition teaches us that good works are integral to strong faith. That’s why Christian service is so important for student formation at Garces. Rather than simply earning hours, Garces integrates service within theological reflection. This deepens the experience of service by connecting the work of the hands with faith the heart.

Freshmen are required to perform 10 hours of service at family and home and sophomores perform their 10 required hours for a school or parish. Juniors complete their 20 service hours within the context of the Sacraments course as part of the call to sacramental living. Service during junior year focuses on assisting those who are often marginalized – the poor, elderly, and those suffering from disabilities. It is highly relational in nature and, as such, provides fertile ground for faith-centered reflection that goes directly to what it means to be the kind of human God is calling each of us to be. In addition to the 40 service hours earned during freshman, sophomore and junior years, seniors serve in a variety of leadership capacities through clubs, athletics, retreats, CSF, NMS, FFA and other organizations. A primary goal of a Garces education is leadership formation and much of senior year is devoted to learning how to become servant leaders.


Retreats are an essential part of developing students to be reflective, thoughtful believers. Taking time from the routine of the day and from the busyness of life helps students to gain perspective and to evaluate priorities.

2022-2023 Freshmen Retreat

The freshmen retreat was held at St. Charles Borromeo in Visalia for a day of prayer and reflection. Lead by Father David, the day involved a good mix of team building activities, speakers, and self-reflection. Father David and the guest's speakers shared their journeys to inspire students to encourage empathy and forgiveness. Students reflected on their relationship with God and how God is present in their lives. Mass was held at St. Charles Borromeo, the Diocese’s newest church, and students experienced the grandiose architecture and murals. Freshmen teachers also attended and assisted student with their reflections. The freshmen retreat was a great way for students to reflect on their first year at Garces and look forward to the upcoming years of growing in their faith. 

2022-2023 Sophomore Retreat

The Sophomore Class traveled to Three Rivers and spent two days and one night at the St. Anthony Retreat Center. They participated in spiritual reflection, workshops, and prayer. In addition, there was time for bonding as a class through several group activities. The Class of 2025 built lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come. A big shout out to the staff members who went as chaperones. The generosity of their spirit and time made the retreat possible.

2022-2023 Junior Servant Leadership

The formation of servant leaders resides at the heart of our mission and identity at Garces. With this goal in mind, we have created a year-end retreat for juniors on June 1st that will focus on servant leadership. Juniors will listen to a presentation by Lauren Skidmore, CEO of a local homeless shelter, and participate in campus beautification projects, team building activities, and a BBQ. Juniors who will be serving as leaders in various capacities next year will also attend a seminar the following morning.

2022-2023 Kairos Retreat

Thirty-four juniors and seniors spent four days at Serra Retreat Center in Malibu. Kairos is a special retreat and if you ask any of the students who attended or led the retreat, they would agree. A special thank you Co-Directors, Joshua Braun and Ella Shaw, and retreat leaders Peter Gonzales, Milo Mastrucci, Joshua Pacheco, and Kelsey Abraham. Our adult leaders were Mr. Blaine Geissel, Ms. Nubia Sierra, Ms. Susie Salazar, Mrs. Myka Chambers, and Mr. Kent Hickey. A big shout out and thank you to our Kairos retreat coordinator, Ms. Tonya Abbott. Next year we hope to offer two Kairos retreats. One in late Fall of 2023 and one in the Spring of 2024.

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