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Campus Ministry

Our greatest mission as a Catholic high school is to create disciples and world-changers who will carry the teaching of Christ wherever they go. We know that developing a rhythm of prayer is essential to this. For this reason, we offer many on-campus activities for our students. In addition to a quiet chapel for students to spend time in during breaks or before and after school, we offer weekly adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Mass, confessions, bible studies, class retreats and prayer groups. We believe that by having consistent encounters with God, through the Sacraments, through his Word, and through his people, we can truly develop faithful, compassionate, just, and knowledgeable leaders.


Retreats are an essential part of developing students to be reflective, thoughtful believers. Taking time from the routine of the day and from the busyness of life helps students to gain perspective and to evaluate priorities.

Senior Retreat 2021

The final retreat for the Class for 2021 is in the books! Our seniors will be headed off to college before we know it, so we thought it fitting to design a retreat day for them to be encouraged to soar "To the Heights", not just in life but through faith. We invited past alumni who shared their stories of personal faith and growth over the years and how keeping their eyes on Heaven has allowed them to be open to all of God's plans for their future after leaving Garces. With a surprise visit from parents for Mass and lunch, this was a wonderful memory made. We are so incredibly proud of our seniors and can't wait to see where they go! Class of 2021, you are in our prayers as you head to the heights keeping your faith as the foundation in all that you do.

Freshmen Retreat 2020

That's a wrap on freshmen retreat! The theme for the retreat was "That They May Be One". Over the next four years, it's important that they build a strong community with each other, building friendships that will lead them closer to Christ.

Junior Retreat 2021

And that's a wrap on Junior Retreat! The day focused on the life of St. Paul and the impact he made for the Kingdom of God. We took time to reflect on Saint Paul's journey and mission and how it applies to our life. Students learned more about his conversion and sufferings and how his witness created a ripple effect that led to the Church as we know it today. They had team-building activities, inspiring talks, small group time, confession, Mass, Adoration and a fantastic lunch from Luigi's. We love our juniors and can't wait to see the impact they create on our campus next year. Thank you to Ms. Perez for putting on such a wonderful and impactful day!

Sophomore Retreat 2021

Students came together to learn more about various forms of friendship, from guest speaker Maggie Craig, and the gift each of them serve in our lives. They also had an opportunity to go through an examination of conscience, receive the Sacrament of penance, and attend Mass with Monsignor Perry.

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