Developing Students
Academically, Spiritually, & Socially

Founded in 1947 by the Christian Brothers and Dominican Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas.

2019 College/University Acceptances

University of Notre Dame

Virginia Tech

University of Tennessee

University of California, Los Angeles

United States Air Force Academy

University of Washington

San Diego State University

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Colorado School of Mines

Bakersfield College

University of California, Santa Barbara

The Catholic University of America

University of Redlands

Taft College

California Aeronautical University

University of Tampa

Saint Vincent College

Oregon State University

Loyola Marymount University

Holy Names University

Cuesta College

University of California, Davis

Boise State University

The University of Alabama

Congratulations to the Class of 2019

Cover Page

2019 Valedictorian

Ambroise Clarke-Curutchague

....Personally, I believe it’s the tradition, which is to say, the people. It’s the legacy, the stories, the fact that a grandfather and a father and then a son, can all go through the same school and tell you the same thing. That it’s different. That it feels special. That we’re a community, built on faith and united by common purpose. On it’s own, this school is just a school. A very beautiful school, but still, just a school. It’s the people, the traditions, the spirit and the soul of Garces, the unity in faith, the shared ideals, and the love that we have for each other that makes Garces transcend being a simple high school to become something more: a collective ideal that exists in the hearts and minds of students and alumni. Something so profound, that generation after generation will continue to send their kids to the same school. We are a family. The love that I share with so many friends at this school is so powerful, that I know I could ask any of them for anything, and they would drop everything to help me, and vice versa. We are a close knit community, with ties that extend much further than high school friendships. It would be no overstatement to say that Garces is an integral part of this city’s social backbone....

of students participate in serving their community, their faith, and their school.
of students are involved in activities outside of the classroom.
of students are accepted to college. **4% military & trade

Academically Challenging, College Preparatory & Co-Educational.

Garces Memorial High School is Bakersfield, California's premier High School.

Garces Memorial High School is a Christ-centered, community of faith that seeks to provide the best spiritual and academic formation for every student. Along with our standard college preparatory curriculum, we also offer field-based pathways for the student who has a desire to pursue a particular field.

Spiritual Connection.

As a Catholic school, our mission is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to form our students with Gospel values in every aspect of life. The Gospel is proclaimed on the football field, the basketball court, at school dances, during faculty meetings, and in all academic classes. The result is a young person that is fully prepared to live out the Gospel in every aspect of their future careers and vocational choices.


A Winning Tradition.

Athletics is a vital and integral part of Garces Memorial High School. With one of the most successful athletic programs in the Central Section CIF history, the Garces Rams are ranked fourth all-time with 123 section team championships. We also have dozens of individual titles in swimming, diving, tennis, golf, track and cross-country. Through the pursuit of excellence in athletics and faith in God, Garces Memorial High School pursues “Victory with Honor.”

We Take Safety Seriously.

Our world can be a scary and sometimes dangerous place, but Garces isn’t. While the Church is called to be in the world, and not of the world, it’s impossible to be completely separate, especially while having a community-centered mindset. That’s why we have these things in place… to ensure our students are protected and safe during their formative years.


An Excellent College Preparatory Environment

Being your best self also means being empowered to reach your full potential spiritually, academically, and socially. With more than 20 student clubs, academic teams, fine arts programs, 37 CIF recognized athletic teams; there are numerous opportunities for challenge and growth.

athletic teams
activities & clubs
avg. class size

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Shadow A Garces Student

Visitors are invited to come to campus and shadow a Garces student for a day. Potential students, both 8th graders and transfers, are invited to visit campus, attend classes and stay for lunch.

If you would like to schedule a "Shadow Day" contact Kim Harper at the Garces Admissions office by email or call 661-327-2578.

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In an effort to continue our record of educational excellence, every student at Garces benefits from the generosity of our alumni and community of donors.