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Giving at Garces


Our families, alumni, and supporters have several ways they can support our school – whether it’s giving to the Garces Fund or by supporting one of our special events. The funds raised this year will help cover the roughly $1.3 million in school educational operating expenses that are not covered through tuition revenue.

Our Priority - The Garces Fund


We are asking our families, donors, and alumni to regard The Garces Fund as their first giving priority. Tuition covers 85% of the funds needed to operate our school. The average tuition for the 2023-2024 school year will be $2,509 short from the full cost of educating each student at Garces Memorial, creating a “gap” between what tuition will cover and what is necessary to provide our students with an exceptional faith-filled, college preparatory education.

The Garces Fund helps the school to “Bridge the Gap”. We understand that many of you may not be able to give at the “Bridge the Gap” level of $2,500. We encourage you to give the amount that is comfortable for your family.

Garces Memorial, like other Catholic schools, utilizes tax-deductible donations rather than a significant tuition increases to provide the best college preparatory education possible. It is core to our mission to make a Garces education accessible. This year, The Garces Fund is our most critical fundraising effort to “Bridge the Gap”.

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