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Board of Directors

Advisory Board of Directors

The Advisory Board assists the President in governing the business, educational and spiritual affairs of Garces Memorial High School. It brings together the educational and administrative talents of the Garces president and principal, the combined experience of the faculty and administration and the knowledge and insights of its lay members in a collegial effort to create for the student a Christian-based educational program that operates in conformity with Catholic teaching and the policies of the Diocese of Fresno.

It is not the role of the advisory board to involve itself in the day-to-day administration of the school, including hiring, termination, supervision, discipline or evaluation of either staff or students. Advisory board members hold sensitive matters in the strictest confidence and are charged with advancing the mission of the school, not matters of personal interest. 

In order to fulfill its governing role in the life of Garces Memorial High School, the advisory board has established “standing committees” to assist and collaborate with the school's business, academic and spiritual aspects: executive, facilities and finance. 

The advisory board meets six times over the course of the school year. Should a member of the community wish to discuss a matter with the advisory board, he or she should contact either the president or the chairperson. Requests to meet with the advisory board should include a description of the matter to be discussed and, if appropriate, a suggested outcome or remedy. 

Advisory Board Members
Mr. Al Sandrini, Advisory Board Chair
Dr. John Etcheverry
Mr. Greg Lince
Mr. Philip McDermott
Mrs. Sylvia Sala

Garces Personnel
Mr. Steven Antongiovanni, President
Ms. Noel Leon, Principal
Mr. Steve Garcia, Faculty Representative

Mrs. Joan Brouchard, Diocese of Fresno Office of Education

Board of Directors Upcoming Dates

All board meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. in the Boardroom located in the main office. Please contact the school in advance if you wish to attend a board meeting to secure location to accommodate all attendees.

Board of Directors Agendas
January 29, 2024 Agenda

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