Speaker Series

Our students strive to be very successful in their lives after college. Many of them will return as successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and many other professions just to name a few. Bakersfield is full of active professionals that are very successful and have worked hard to achieve their goals. We have begun a speaker series that our students can sign up for if the topic peaks their interest. The goal of this series is to open our students eye to the possibilities that the future has to offer. This series will consist of eight speakers and they will be from all walks of life. If your student wants to learn about professionals from Bakersfield or a topic that speaks their interest, please encourage them to sign up for that speaker. This is a new program and we at Garces Memorial are excited about opening another door for our student’s’ future.

Garces Memorial High School is proud to announce that Bakersfield Mayor, Karen Goh will be our guest speaker on Monday, August 27th at 1:30pm.

Location: To be determined

Questions? Ms. Myka Peck