Community Service

Community Service for Class of 2019 - 2020

Junior and Senior students are required to complete a total of 15 hours annually in any of the following areas. The hours are not required to be in one specific area and may be combined to meet the 15 hour requirement:

Garces Memorial High School

Hours must serve the Garces community (i.e. Christmas on Campus, Special People Day, Swim Meets, Gala, Band Show, etc.).


Students are to be serving in a meaningful way that assists a church or parish community. Serving in a church ministry, assisting in a church fundraiser or assisting with a church service project are all acceptable hours. Service which occurs while fulfilling a student’s Sunday Obligation (Altar Serving, Choir, Eucharistic Minister) will be prorated at a ratio of 2:1 (one hour of service equates to thirty minutes of Parish Community Service). Working with a Parish School (OLPH, OLG, St. Francis, etc.) will count for Parish Hours.

Community Service

Non-Profit Community service may only be completed through organizations approved by Garces Memorial High School. Please see the Campus Ministry Office for an updated list of approved organizations.

Note: All Service Hours are subject to approval by the Campus Ministry Office.

Service hour must be properly submitted to the Campus Ministry Office. Please contact Mrs. Eileen Perez, Director of Campus Ministry, with any questions.

Download Student Service Involvement Form