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History of Garces Homecoming: Did You Know?

Homecoming week is always a fun time for everyone together and celebrate all that is great about Garces.

It’s also a time to remember those that served this school long before, with fondness and appreciation of our rich tradition.

We hope to see you all out at the games Friday night against Santa Maria-Pioneer Valley.

Here is a little “Did you know?” history of Garces homecoming. 

Did You Know? – The first homecoming game was in 1947, the year the school opened.

It was the second game for the Shamrocks inaugural season (the Ram became the school mascot in 1948). After Garces travelled to McFarland for the opening game the week prior, the first game against Santa Barbara Catholic at 2 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon. Since Sam Tobias Field had not yet been built, the game was played on the infield of the Thunder Bowl, which is now known as Bakersfield Speedway.

Did You Know? – The Christian Brothers declared the game homecoming despite not having any alumni and invited the entire Bakersfield community to celebrate the school’s first game in town. 

Did You Know? – At halftime that afternoon, a helicopter landed on the field with a case of bubble gum and was then transferred to a Swell Time ice cream truck that handed them out to fans. 

Santa Barbara won that game, 25-0.

Did You Know? – Despite the first homecoming game in 1947, no queen was crowned until 1961 when then-senior Nancy Taormina, accompanied by her court that included junior Suzan Hopper, sophomore Ann Thorton and freshman Patsy Bidart. Taormina was crowned by ASB president Chris Jones.

Did You Know? – Nancy Taormina returned to campus just two years ago to crown 2017 queen Gabi Arias for the 70th anniversary for Garces. 

Did You Know? – The alma mater you hear before kickoff, the same the football team sings along with the band and cheerleaders postgame is not the original. In the Oct. 14, 1949 edition of The Garcian student newspaper, the original was coined. Then six years later, a group of students wrote the lyrics we all sing today. The lyrics and melody were borrowed from the theme song of a popular NBC radio show at the time that eventually became an CBS television show called, “Halls of Ivy.”

Did You Know? – Arguably the most exciting homecoming game was just three years ago when the Rams defeated Centennial 39-31 in double overtime. Joseph Tobias threw for 249 yards and Lebrevon Austin had seven catches for 117 yards and two touchdowns in the thriller.

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