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Garces announces competitive dance team

Garces Memorial High School principal, Myka Peck, is pleased to announce the first competitive dance team in school history.

The 12 current dancers on campus enrolled in the advanced dance course instructed by Georgia Peck will compete for Garces during the spring semester beginning in March.

“My job as a principal is to find God-given talent on our campus and showcase it,” Myka Peck said. “We’ve talked for years about developing a dance program at Garces. These dancers are talented and we want to give them the ability to start something no other high school in Bakersfield has on their campus.”

The additional creation of the team allows the dancers to compete at the state and national level against other high schools, dance studios and independent dancers. 

“We have a class full of great dancers and we felt this was the time to do it,” Georgia Peck said. “We are the first school in Bakersfield to have a competitive team.”

This is also an advantage for Garces dancers to get an upper-hand at the world of competitive dance at the collegiate level. 

Garces has three years of a dance elective in the curriculum that is University of California approved. Beginning in 2020-21, the school will have a dance choreography/performance class added to the school catalog to meet the growing needs of the dance program at Garces.

The advanced dance class is an elective course at Garces. The dancers train in the dance studio on campus that was built in 2015. 

Much like club sports for other athletic programs, the addition of the dance team on campus at Garces allows the dancers to add another level of school spirit to their craft and talent. 

“This is really special for these dancers to be able to compete at their own dance studios but then do the same thing at Garces, too.” Myka Peck said.

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