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The Theology department at Garces Memorial High School has made great strides in moving toward a curriculum aligned with the framework developed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The curriculum begins with students in grade 9 studying Faith and Revelation and Theology of the Body, while continuing in grade 10 with the study of the Old and New Testament. In grade 11, students study the History of the Church and in the fourth quarter, a study of the Sacraments.During student’s senior year, they will study in the college preparatory classes, Ethics/Catholic Morality and Catholic Social Teachings while the honors curriculum will include Ethics/Catholic Morality and Philosophy of Man. Garces Memorial has transitioned to using the Didache series with additional support materials for each class level.

Graduation Requirement

All Students who graduate from Garces Memorial High School must successfully complete 4 years of Theology.

Theology Course Catalog

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