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Physical Education


The Physical Education Department strives to build sound bodies and positive attitudes toward wholesome physical activities. Instructing proper social behaviors and teamwork are skills that the Garces Memorial Physical Education staff believes will benefit all students throughout their lives. Creating opportunities for leadership and fellowship as well as developing good psychomotor skills will lead students toward a life of fitness and wellness.


  • Development of efficient and effective motor skills and an understanding of the basic principles involved
  • Development and maintenance of higher levels of performance, understanding, and appreciation for physical fitness to meet the demands of wholesome living and emergency situations
  • Development of socially desirable behavior involving movement with regard to interaction with others
  • Development of interest and proficiency in using the skills essential to successful participation in worthwhile physical recreation activities
  • Development of awareness and understanding of the human body and its structure, functions, and movements as parts of the whole person and as an important means of expression.

Graduation Requirement

Physical Education* 4 semesters (20 credits)
*All 9th grade students are required to enroll in Physical Education 9 or Dance I (see Visual Performing Arts)

Health Education 1 semester (5 credits)

Physical Education Course Catalog

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