At Garces, we are aware of the ever new and expanding disciplines in science and business. The Garces Mathematics Department feels a strong foundation in mathematics is essential to meeting the challenges of a technology-oriented world. The study of mathematics will emphasize reasoning, logic, accuracy, reliability, and the utilization of technology. This develops the intellectual powers of the Garces student, not only for mathematics, but also for other fields.


The Garces Memorial Math Department recognizes what an exciting time this is to be teaching mathematics. Changes in technology, including computers and calculators, have altered the way in which mathematics is being taught. The department strives to keep current with new trends in teaching without forsaking the fundamentals upon which all mathematical knowledge and problem solving is based. In the more advanced courses students are required to be well-versed in the use of graphing technology and this technology is being presented to students at all levels.

The Math Department offers a college preparatory and an Honors/Advanced Placement sequence for students. More importantly, however, is the individual attention and help provided students. Teachers are available at various times for extra help and students are able to get the extra assistance that they may need and deserve.

Graduation Requirements

All Students who graduate from Garces Memorial High School must successfully complete 3 years of college recognized courses with a minimum of Algebra 2 (P). A 4th year is recommended.

Mathematics Course Catalog


I believe "prerequisites" technically is not a course? Quite a few of these aren't clear which course they're attached to. Would it be best to include the prerequisites in the course drop down directly?