The goal of the Garces Memorial English Department is to prepare students for life by developing their written and spoken English as well as their critical and analytical skills. The department strives to make students life-long learners with a strong work ethic, a sense of self esteem, a tolerance for others and a code of integrity and morality.


After four years of English, students at Garces Memorial should have the ability to:

  • Read a variety of literature with an appreciation and understanding of its ethical, moral, cultural, literary and aesthetic qualities and significance.
  • Employ a developed and sophisticated use of vocabulary and syntax to better enjoy and understand what they read and to better communicate their thoughts.
  • Write well-organized paragraphs, essays, and research papers on a variety of topics that are clear, well-developed and well-reasoned.
  • Use listening and critical thinking skills to solve problems and communicate solutions
    deliver a clear and coherent oral presentation.
  • Develop research skills and the ability to assimilate information.

English Course Catalog