Student Parking

Transportation and Parking

  • All cars and motorbikes or mopeds must be registered with the Business Office. (To download the Garces Parking Permit,  Parking_Permit.pdf)

  • A permit will be issued for each vehicle registered. Garces will solely use a hanging parking permit and it can be purchased from the Business Office for $20. These permits should hang from the front rear view mirror with the numbers facing out. Motorcycles and motor bikes must have the parking permit displayed in a prominent place.

  • All cars and motorbikes are to be parked in the student parking lot. An evening activity is the only exception.

  • The parking lot has designated areas depending on the year of the student. The senior lot is the south portion (located closest to the outdoor basketball courts).   Juniors will have the north lot. Freshman and sophomores will have the lower parking lot. All students driving to campus must purchase a parking permit and park in the appropriate area.

  • Anyone with a moped type vehicle or bicycle should see the Dean of Students.

  • The privilege of driving to school may be revoked for speeding or careless driving on or near the campus.

  • The speed limit on campus is five miles per hour.

  • Loitering in the student parking lot is prohibited.

  • Students are not permitted in their cars during lunch time or between periods without permission from the office or supervising instructor.

  • Students are encouraged to keep their cars locked and to place valuable items in the trunk. Garces Memorial High School is not responsible for theft, accidents or damage to vehicles parked on campus.

  • Cars illegally parked (parking decal not visible or parked in an illegal area) will be issued a warning sticker. Violators who continue to park illegally will be issued a $20 fine for each infraction. These fines will be added to the student's tuition. Student's who do not pay these fines may have their yearbooks withheld, and may be withheld from taking midterm or final examinations until there is a zero balance.

  • An administrator has the right to search a student's vehicle if there is reasonable suspicion to do so.

*** Parents or guardians driving students to school are asked to drop off and pick up their students in the front parking lot.

Reporting an Accident 

Any student injured on campus during school hours or a school sponsored activity must immediately report the accident or injury to the teacher or individual in charge. The individual or instructor in charge will obtain the "Report of Accident" form from the Dean of Students.