Gino Colombo graduated from Garces in 1970. He was quite the student-athlete excelling in basketball and baseball. He was also extremely well-liked by all who knew him, his best asset being his ability to listen intently and absorb conversations like a sponge. Gino graduated USF in San Francisco where he spent his remaining years working in the medical insurance industry. He died suddenly and unexpectedly at age 49 in August of 2001 from a brain aneurism. His untimely death left a huge void. He was an avid golfer and in 2002 a golf tournament began in his honor. Over the years it became a charitable event and in 2007 the Gino Colombo Memorial Scholarship began here at Garces. Since then 14 scholarships have been awarded to 12 young men and women totaling over $70,000! The scholarships have provided some very deserving students the opportunity for a Catholic, college preparatory education. They have all gone on to college, becoming fine people who have represented their alma mater well. A huge thank you goes out to everyone whose generosity has made this possible!