2016-2017 Garces Memorial Bookstore and Book List:  GARCES ON-LINE BOOKSTORE

Garces Memorial has partnered with Follet Books.  If anyone encounters questions or problems regarding the book list, please contact the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Mrs. Debbie Sakowski, beginning August 3.


Please Note:
The term "ibook only" on the Garces book list refers specifically to the Apple ibooks version of a text. ibooks should be purchased directly from Apple using the ibooks app on the student IPad, searching by title and author, and using the student’s apple ID.

If a book is identified on the list as either "ebook or print edition" it means that both formats exist and are virtually identical so the instructor will accept either version for use in the course.


If a book is listed as "ebook only", even if print versions exist, only the electronic version is allowed for the course. However, among ebooks, there may be multiple formats available (Kindle vs. Nook for example). Families are free in those circumstances to choose whichever ebook format they prefer as long it matches the title, author, and, if listed on the Garces book list, the edition.

Printed Books

If a book is listed as "print only", even if electronic versions exist, only the print version is allowed for the course. In most cases, this is for workbooks.


The term "ITunesU" on the book list refers to texts and other materials that will be provided at no charge, by the instructor, on the first day of attendance in that class.

For questions or problems regarding the book list contact, the Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs, Mrs. Debbie Sakowski dsakowski@garces.org

Attention Garces Memorial High School Students

All new school books should be purchased at the school’s online bookstore:



CS100 - Computer Application Book Rental Fee is collected the first week of class. Price: $25.00

PE 100 -  Health book rental fee collected first week of class: $25.00

PE Shorts/Shirts available at the Summer uniform sale in Mnsgr. Leddy Hall, $12.50 each. Also On Orientation Day and During School Hours in the Student Activity Center

Locks - P.E. and Book Locks will be no charge.  Available on Orientation Day from Garces Only.

Choir Sheet Music
  - Must Be Purchased Through Choir Class $50.00

Class schedules are available on Netclassroom.

Log on. Click Classes > Schedule. 

Make sure Academic year 2016-2017 is selected.