Tuition and Fees
Garces Memorial's Commitment

Since 1947, Garces Memorial High School has provided a top-quality Catholic education to Kern County students. During this time, it has been the school’s commitment to keep tuition reasonable while maintaining a standard of excellence.

Garces Memorial is committed to offering every student in Kern County the opportunity to receive a Catholic education. For this reason, the Garces Financial Aid program was established.

All families who feel they may qualify for need-based financial aid are encouraged to complete the application process. The size of the financial aid award will depend on the level of demonstrated need. No student will receive the full amount of tuition in financial aid. 

Application Process

Garces requires:
1.  Completed Garces Memorial Request for Tuition Assistance form mailed to Garces.
2.  Completed Student Aid Form with required documentation filed directly with Smart Aid.

Completed applications for Financial Aid must be submitted by March 15, 2017 for consideration by the committee.  Late applications will only be considered if there are funds available.  There is a $35 application fee payable directly to Smart Aid when filing the application.  Please note that incomplete applications and missing documentation will result in a delay in processing by Smart Aid which may affect the ability of the committee to award aid.  No individual will be considered for financial aid unless they have completed and submitted all forms and the required paperwork.


1.  Print out the Garces Request for Tuition Assistance form found on the link below.   Complete the application including the Statement of Financial Need.  Submit completed form to the Garces Memorial Business Office by March 15, 2017.  A copy of this form is also available at the front desk.

Request for Tuition Assistance

2.  Complete the Smart Aid Student Aid Form and submit it directly to Smart Aid along with the required documentation and filing fee.  This process may only be completed online as follows:


Smart Aid Application Information.pdf

1.  Complete Student Aid form and gather required documentation.

2.  Scan or save all information to your computer.            

3.  Go to the Smart Aid website at  https://smartaidforparents.com and follow the instructions. The Garces Memorial High School ID code is 11927.  

For additional information and assistance, visit the Smart Aid website or contact them at (800) 360-8027 or you may contact Mrs. Lee or Miss Harper at 661-327-2578 for additional help.

Garces uses Smart Aid to assist in determining appropriate levels of financial aid. Applications submitted after the deadline will be reviewed on a first come-first served basis.

Financial Aid Awards Process

The Garces Financial Aid Committee evaluates each applicant’s demonstrated need, the recommendation of Private School Aid Service, and the student’s academic record.

Award letters, stating the amount of financial aid granted, are mailed in mid to late April. Included in the letter is information about the Garces Work Program for families who utilize the financial aid program. Awards must be accepted or denied May 15th.  

Financial aid is deducted from the total amount of tuition due. Monthly payments are reduced by the amount of aid given.