PE - Policies and Procedures

PE_Handbook.pdf (179 KB)

Uniform for Students
1. All students enrolled in Physical Education are required to wear the regulation Physical Education uniform which is to be purchased from the Garces Bookstore.
2. White gym socks and shoes are to be worn in their activity class.
3. The uniform should be visually marked on the hem of the left leg. Markings should include first initial and full last name.
4. Sweatshirts and sweatpants may be worn on cold days.
5. Students must wear their own uniform and should not loan their uniform to anyone else at any time for any reason.
6. All clothing must be taken home once a week for washing.

1. MEDICAL: Students will be excused from dressing for P.E. if they have a written explanation from their family doctor. Medical excuses are to be given to your instructor before class begins.
2. HOME: Students will be excused from participation in P.E. if they have a written explanation from their parent/guardian. The length of time the excuse covers may not exceed three days and if it does, the instructor will call the parents and ask for an explanation concerning the student’s excuse.

Locks and Lockers
1.  Combination locks all provided for each student and must be returned at the end of the school year.
2.  The lock combination must be given to the instructor before a P.E.  or weight training locker will be issued.